Saturday 14 February 2009

Special Offer! Mico's Favourite Tea!

Often, at the farmer's market, people ask me what my favourite tea is. Well, I drink Earl Grey most every morning, but my real favourite tea isn't a best seller at the tea stand. And I think it should be!

Gen Mai Cha is a Japanese Sencha Green Tea with toasted rice (sometimes they will add popcorn, but I think this isn't as good - I am a Gen Mai Cha purist).

You get the clean grassy flavour of the Sencha and a roasty, toasty flavour from the rice. It is my first choice for a late morning / early afternoon cup. Warming, soothing and always leaves me happy.

I think most people just aren't sure if they want to try it - the flavour is hard to describe - but lots of people love it. Especially if you are looking for a green tea that is a little different, but not fruity, this is a great one!

So, in the spirit of shameless self promotion, if you want to try Gen Mai Cha, just order anything from and then in the comments section when you order, just write Free Sample of Gen Mai Cha, and I'll send you a 50g bag to try for yourself.

I am trying to convert others to the joy of Gen Mai Cha! So be adventurous, try something new, and if you don't like it, pass it on to someone else who might. Either way, write to me about what you think of the flavour.

Enjoy your cuppa!

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