Friday 12 December 2008

Happy Christmas!

Tis the season for warmth and merriment! And lots of hard work before we all get a well deserved break with our family and friends.
We just finished the RDS Craft Fair in Dublin last Sunday and overall, it was a good show. We sold out of nearly all of our teapots and only have a few of our lovely cups with strainers left. We also sold out of all but two of our special Christmas teas, so get some Winter Apple (cinnamon and spiced apple) or Rooibos Chai (warm spices and mellow rooibos) to enjoy in from of a roaring fire!
So a good Craft show - lots of work and long hours, but we get to see returning customers, meet new tea lovers and share our love of tea with the crowd. We also enjoy seeing all of the lovely artists and food artisans again and see their new work over the past year.
I picked up some beautiful gifts this year, though I think the selection is a bit more careful this year (and we are making a few gifts - Colm also makes furniture and he is whipping up some lovely solid wood cutting boards for friends and family - take a look at his portfolio at, spending our money wisely is key!
Best quote overheard from a customer at a jewelry stand, "I just got tired of all of the rude shop girls and decided to do all my shopping here at the craft fair this year instead!" Customer service is always better when you are dealing with the creative force behind a small business. In these difficult economic times, it pays to be good to your customers! We certainly appreciate ours!
We wish you a very happy Christmas, Channukah, Solstice or Holiday this winter season!
All the best to you and yours,
Mico and Colm