Tuesday 12 May 2009

Kinsale Ceramics Teapots

Oh, my! It has been a very long time since I posted. I'd like to say that I have been too busy, but really, let's put it down to writer's block.
So my new idea is that I'd like to highlight some tea related artists and craftspeople.

Last year at the RDS Craft Show, we met Adrian Wistreich of Kinsale Pottery and Arts Centre in Co. Cork. Adrian did what many people only dream of doing - he left the corporate rat race behind for a life of art, learning, teaching and beauty. Adrian makes very imaginative and innovative teapots, as well as other ceramic art. He also teaches ceramics and host a variety of other creative courses at the centre.

We think that his teapots are amazing and hope that you take a few minutes to look at his work on the Kinsale Pottery and Arts Centre website:


I'd like to think that I will follow in his footsteps one of these days and, now that I have left the corporate rat race, will begin to realise my own creative reality!

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Jason Witt said...

I love that teapot in the picture! That really impresses me about the artist. No wonder he "could" leave the corporate rat race; he's a good artist. Nevertheless, I wonder how functional that teapot is. Could a person actually use it to pour tea? --Jason