Sunday 14 September 2008

Traditional Chai

For my very first posting, I thought I'd respond to the most asked question at our little tea stall at the Dun Laoghaire Farmer's Market - Dublin
"How do I get my Chai to taste like your Chai?"
The answer?
It may take a bit more time, but the flavour is worth it!

Directions are for a 4 cup teapot
Put 3 cups of water into a saucepan and bring to a boil
Add 4-5 heaping teaspoons of our Kingfisher Tea Pure Chai Black Tea (or Rooibos Chai)
Gently boil for 15-20 minutes
Add sugar or honey to taste (I usually use about 1 teaspoon per cup)
Add 2 cups of milk or soymilk
Bring just barely back to a boil (milk doesn't like boiling)
Strain off the tea leaves/spices, pour into cups or a teapot and enjoy!

Some notes - Chai needs to boil in order for the flavour of the whole spices to be released. The sugar/honey also helps these flavours come through. If you don't want to add sugar, try using rice milk, which is naturally sweet.

Next week - The Amazing Benefits of Rooibos!


Andrew said...

Must remember to add chai to my expanding collection of Kingfisher teas next time I hit the Peoples Park

Brian Sparling said...

Thanks for this Mico! I've been trying to get it right, but haven't yet succeeded.